639 // Bogdan Titomir – Kaif (Apollon Telefax Remix)

Apollon Telefax debuts on Balearic Ensemble with proper summer-infused gems!

Pavel Grachev is Apollon Telefax, a creative electronic music artist known for his diverse range of skills as a producer, multi-instrumentalist, DJ, and illustrator. With a kaleidoscopical sonority, Pavel has already popped up on many vital outlets such as Duro, Sinchi, Calypso, Epicure, and Kaputt.wav, to name a few. Got curious? You should also visit his Bandcamp page. There are some precious name-your-price gems on it.

For his forthcoming adventure, Apollon lands on another important label: The super cool Barcelona-based Balearic Ensemble wide-opens its doors for his stunning “Deus From Drum Machine” EP, a four-track incursion through a few of his influences. Hip-Hop, Boogie, and 80s Pop layers get intertwined to enrich, just in time, our supply of summer anthems.

Premiered here, “a rescrub of a certain USSR Hip-Hop icon, lifted up with kicks, claps, and a deft, jittering synth bass”, according to the perfect description on the official PR text. On top, “digi flute riffs off staccato piano, setting up stirring, cyclical harmonies that frame the reclaimed acapella.” Some Happy Mondays’ vibes here, we would say.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

Follow Apollon Telefax and Balearic Ensemble, peeps!

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