637 // Alexandrina – Magnetic Eyes (Mathmatrix Remix)

MEGA RELEASE ALERT! Freundenthal's Feinstoff gathered some superstars for its debut EP! Check Mathmatrix's contribution for the special occasion.

Great news for the fans of Dark Disco, Indie Dance, New Italo, and Next Wave out there: The behemoth music platform and event series Feinstoff has finally evolved to the label side of the force. Expertly curated by master Freudenthal (SXDNS063), the brand-new imprint kicks off its activities with a superb collection of fancy remixes from talented Romanian icon Alexandrina’s album “Sirin”, originally released in 2022.

On board, a true dream team of collaborators: None other than Curses, Local Suicide (SXDNS172) & Radondo, Borusiade, Walentin Pauer, Mathmatrix, and Freudenthal, the supreme boss himself, who spared no efforts to translate their respective visions into insightful interpretations of their assigned tasks.

From the official PR text, we stole the following excerpt because we could not have written better about the premiered track: “Rounding off the remix EP with conclusive flair is Mathmatrix’s mix for “Magnetic Eyes”, a cathartic, anthemic piece weaving through flashes of Alt-Pop. The vocals sit beautifully within the mix’s crushed edges, resulting in a breathtaking meeting of visions.”

Do yourself a favour and add Feinstoff immediately to the list of your labels to watch. Thank us later.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

Follow Mathmatrix and Feinstoff, peeps!

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