640 // Jonas Gottlieb – Broken Tide

Jonas Gottlieb is back on Dance Petrol Records with a stunning selection of House Music cuts!

It’s undeniable that after the COVID crisis many dance floors all over the world heated things up a “little bit” when it comes to the preferable stride for their (more than ever) eager audiences. Now, 140+BPM seems to be the new black, and more and more producers have been following such a “trend” and at least flirting with faster ventures – Jonas Gottlieb being one of them. The Munich-based House-Music couldn’t resist donning his latest productions in peak-time-only attire.

Once again coming out on the cool German label Dance Petrol Records, Jonas brought to the catwalk a collection of four fast-paced dressed-to-kill beasts, craving to become summer sensations with their fancy and dashing garments. Do not let the title of the EP, “Sorry For The Looks”, mislead you: They are impeccably clad!

Premiered here, the charming and melodic “Broken Tide” presents itself showing off UK Bass references that paired perfectly with the mesmerising mellow vocals. The combination delivers an interesting theme with both frenzied and soothing traits. The OMG piano layer cannot go unmentioned – what a beauty!

The BPM? 142, babe!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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