362 // Shkema – Vaikų Ligoninė

Good Skills finally kicks off its 2022 season by delivering a Made With Love In Lithuania VA. Premiered here, Vilnius-based Shkema's contribution.

Curated by none other than future Lithuania’s President and Vice-President, Roe Deers (SXDNS138) and Titas Motuzas, Good Skills presents its brand-new VA release: “Sekta”, a five-track EP devoted to showcasing the finest of what the country has to offer when it comes to underground electronic music. Shurmin Nikita, Zakmina feat. EGOMAŠINA, Deserted Island, Shkema, and Bojarchük spared no efforts to deliver high-quality themes to the compilation by presenting their own characteristic sonorities that resulted in a rich tapestry of inventiveness and ingenuity – exactly what the label has envisioned since its foundation in 2019.

The track we were solicited to premiere comes from the uneasy mind of “weird producer and weird DJ” Shkema, whose most notable previous works can be found on NEIN Records, City Noises, and Good Skills itself.

For his contribution to the VA, he created “Vaikų Ligoninė” (meaning “Children’s Hospital” in English); “Shkema at his best”, according to the PR text: Ghostly vocals, pitched drums, and an unpredictable flow tells another weird story from a parallel universe – his.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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