466 // Cosman – Phrygian Trance (Heidenreich Remix)

What an outstanding remix by Heidenreich for Cosman's brand-new EP on ODD Pleasures. Take a peek!

Managed by the skilled Santiago-born, Berlin-based duo Random Atlas (SXDNS155/FREEDL024), the rising ODD Pleasure Music opens its doors one more time to Cosman, a promising Lithuanian DJ/Producer whose creative darkness-soaked sonority has been drawing the attention amid the so-called Indie Dance/Dark Disco scene. His forthcoming endeavour, the “Phrygian Trance” EP, besides showcasing his capabilities by presenting two well-constructed originals, comes with superlative remixes made with love by established artists Yotam Russo aka Lott (SXDNS257) and Heidenreich (SXDNS142/FREEDL003). Premiered here, the latter’s interpretation.

Heidenreich needs no introduction, but here we go: Having started his journey a little longer than three years ago, the German producer achieved fast recognition due to his prolific and out-of-the-box output. His previous works can be found on vital labels such as Sinchi, NEIN, Espacio Cielo, Duro, HEARec, Belly Dance Services, and ODD Pleasure itself.

For his version of the title track, Heidenreich did what he does best by bringing the theme to his freaky-acid-weirdness realm. Melting distortions & otherworldly elements paired perfectly with the Middle East aura he kept from the original. Ace!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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