613 // Stylic – PoPoPoPom (Jay-Son Remix)

This splendid remix by Jay-Son for Stylic, coming soon on Paisley Dark, is one of his best works so far!

Released in February this year, Stylic’s whimsically named “PoPoPoPom” EP marked the debut of the skilled Madrid-based producer on the super cool British outlet Paisley Dark Records. Guess what? “PoPo” is back! This time in its remix attire featuring elaborated interpretations made with love by a super team of collaborators. Embarked: Cosmikuro, Keith Forrester, Högt I Tak (SXDNS179), Mindbender, Jay-Son, and Sir John Paynter aka A Space Age Freak Out (SXDNS123), the label Prime Minister himself, came up with insightful interpretations from the already well-constructed originals.

If “Like This” was the chosen one for our previous review, we now give a go on one of the versions of the title track. More specifically, Jay-Son’s remix: Differently from Stylic’s frolic 90s-infused concoction, Jay experiments with a dark EBM-wrapped strain filled with throbbing arpeggios, malicious synth leads, and a striking acid layer. For those who like to dance and sing along, the lyrics: “PoPoPoPom/ PoPoPoPom”! We love it!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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