502 // Fausto – Mexicoma (Original Mix)

Fausto opened the vaults of his most obscure influences and came out with a complex and unyielding piece. Soon on Povilno Records.

One of the most respected artists of the new Mexican underground e-music scene brings to life his most intricate single so far: Fausto’s (SXDNS064) “Mexicoma” is a psychedelic journey through the most obscure influences of the skilled producer and works as a showcase of his plural capabilities. Author of many Indie Dance/Dark Disco bangers, released on a plethora of vital labels such as Controlla, Duro, NUFF MUSIC, Phisica, NEIN, Boite Music, Discos Platino, Quixotical, and La Volta Ros, just to name a few, his brand-new slo-mo acid-infused cut goes in another direction by impressing with other features instead of speed and stamina, though. The spell of “Mexicoma” comes from its complexity and execution.

Coming soon in digital and vinyl formats on the Ukrainian imprint Povilno Records, the EP also impresses with its constellation of remixers: Roe Deers (SXDNS138), Elfenberg, Mijo, Ali X (SXDNS070), Itwo5, and Technobeton brought the theme to their own real and delivered interesting interpretations.

Premiered here, the original comes enveloped with Fausto’s creativity at its best. Distorted vocals and a fat & smelly bassline set the tone of this true experimental and mind-bending experience. The magic touch provided by the twisted concertina-like sample cannot go unmentioned. Kudos!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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